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The Primitive Intelligence Podcast, hosted by Kurt Zitzelman and Rocco James, is a thought-provoking podcast that delves into a wide range of topics. With each episode, we aim to expand your thinking and challenge conventional ideas. Through thought-provoking discussions and in-depth interviews, we cover a diverse array of subjects that span across various fields, including philosophy, science, psychology, technology, paranormal and more.


Site Updates

If you listened to Season 4 then you know I went through all kinds of web site/server/hosting issues. So, to make things simpler I have moved all the podcast distribution elements to Spotify. This will allow me to not have to worry about a lot of the backend stuff. This will undoubtedly cause issues during the switchover so here is the new information:


  • Podcast services: I am currently updating services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher with the new information. If you use these services and don't see any episodes listed try searching for Primitive Intelligence Podcast in those services again. The switch may have caused a new feed to appear.

  • Using another app with RSS: The new RSS feed is: You can manually enter that into most podcast players to subscribe to new and existing episodes.

  • Listening on the web: You can listen to the podcast directly from this website or from my page at Spotify page at:


New updates to this page and Season 5 are coming soon! is still under reconstruction. Some links and or features may not be up and running yet, but will be soon.

New logo and slightly updated color scheme.


Updated to reflect Spotify's retiring of the brand. Rss feed remained the same.