thanksgiving conspiracy

ep: 410 – Is That A Cheesecake in Your Pocket or are You Just Happy to See Me?

With Thanksgiving just 1 day away I figured a little bit of a lighter topic was in store. The Thanksgiving Cheesecake Conspiracy! Sit back and enjoy this story with a twist , intrigue and mystery. Who is the Cheesecakers Society and what devious plot is afoot to strip away the history of cheesecake at the very first Thanksgiving in 1621?


Thanksgiving – Wikipedia:
Philadelphia Cheesecakers Society:
Philly Cheesecakes Society:
Frank and Giulia – Cheesecakers Society:
Philadelphia Cream Cheese is Boosting a Thanksgiving Conspiracy Theory:

Thanksgiving Cheesecake Conspiracy Rivals Netflix Crime Documentary:
Google – When was cheesecake invented:


Empire Seasons by Dan Henig

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