Season 2 Finale (PI: Season 2 – Episode 15)

Well, the end of 2014 means the end of season 2 of the Primitive Intelligence Podcast. Join me as I take a look back at some of my favorite moments from this season, including a few segments, and lots of out takes! Enjoy this episode, and have a safe and happy new year! We’ll see…

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Season 1 – Episode 10: Primitive Intelligence Podcast

This weeks episode is particularly bitchy… so there’s a lot of bitching going on, but that’s OK. The guys think back and talk about some blizzard hijinx (that’s right, I said hijinx), of course there’s always the usual “oops, we got off track” moments and Rocco demonstrates how loud his windows are to open and close! Contact us…

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Season 1 – Episode 9: Primitive Intelligence Podcast

This week Kurt and Rocco talk about some summer movies and give their take on Ironman 3. Also, they get a little “techie” and discuss Kurt’s new toy… an Android powered mini PC that turns a non-smart flat screen TV in to an Android powered smart TV. Plus the usual tangents and ramblings. As always……

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