Out’ Cast Episode 3 (PI: Season 3)

Learning pretty quickly that the Live Stream doesn’t always equate to “listenable” podcast audio. So, this week I sat in studio and chatted away for an episode based on the Live Stream. This week I cover the changes in the YouTube Partner Program and how that effects smaller channels such as my own, talk a…

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Out’ Cast Episode 1 (PI: Season 3)

Well, it’s been a long time since Season 2 ended… funny how life gets in the way sometimes. Welcome to the new ‘cast, the Out’ Cast… a weekly Live Stream video cast over at streamed every Thursday at 7pm(est). This is Kurt’s new outdoors video podcast (get it Outdoors podCast) This audio is taken from that live stream. Wanna…

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I Recall the Purple Gorilla, but Do Not Remember the Specifics (PI: Season 2 – Episode 4)

It’s that time of the week again! The fourth episode of the Primitive Intelligence Podcast’s second season is here… and the guys are back to their unprepared ways. This week they spend a little time adjusting to some new studio tweaks, including Rocco’s new mic, discuss this past weekends hike, Rocco tells a joke, of…

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